Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Official Launch to Everything HJ BELLUS!!

Hola Amigos!

Thanks to a dear friend, my blog is up and going! I am super excited to use this platform to share day to day events, my literary work and love for life. This blog will be all things HJ BELLUS. I want to share my loves, interest and goals with all of you. So, here are my top three thoughts rattling around in my noggin' today... 

1) January Fitness Challenge NO FAST FOOD #lgf #letsgetfit 2014 ➜ #Instagram
Want to join me? Are you up for the challenge? 

2) The biggest THANK YOU ever known to mankind to HEA Book Shelf (my boss, my manager, my brain, my person) for organizing my blog!!! Go check out her fantabulous blog... 

3) To love to write, you must love to read!!! My fave series of the month is.... Jacelyn Rye's Surrender to Fate and Shattered by Fate.  Go check them out & let me know whose side you are on!

Wisely Wisdom..... 

Stay tuned for a teaser from Willow's story tomorrow! You want the prologue? You get the prologue! 

Always Be Brave Chickens, HJ Bellus

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