Friday, September 11, 2015

Might Piss You Off...Opps

I've seen so many different Facebook posts and blog posts about everyone's OPINION about the book industry.

To have a model or not...
Indie or published...
ARCs or No ARCs...
Honesty, disgrace, blah blah blah freakin' blah...

I really don't get being a "PISSY POLY PANTS" about what others are doing.  Does it really hurt anyone if a model is at a signing or on a cover? If you don't like...then don't buy it or don't stop. If you love it then by all means GOBBLE that shit up.

I have my fair share of hunky men on my covers, gorgeous couples, and even a set of FEET! I've been to a signing with my best friends from my hometown, one with my husband and his cousin and her wife, and some with my models.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Do what makes you happy and leave your "JUDGY PANTS" hung up in your "Judgmental Judy" closet.

I do have future plans to put a cereal box on a book cover and yes the cereal will be traveling with me to signings. I even have plans to take the cereal out of the box exposing it. *gasp* Naked Cereal - coming to a city near you in 2016...just saying watch the "FUCK" out world.

I'm not here to preach or shout how DISGRACEFUL everyone else is because the truth is I don't care. We each have our own stories and tell them our on way. Stay in your own stories and QUIT trying to edit everyone else's. Who cares what your neighbor is doing? Is your branding on it or is it just jealousy rearing its ugly head?...Uh oh, got a little "PISSY POLLY PANTS" there...

Here's my final message...

First off…

so get over yourself and enjoy life!

Common Sense
Use It
Don't immerse yourself in the shit you don't like! Simple

Go join your OWN tribe!

Stop with all the DRAMA & PITY POSTS

Just saying...

Judging & picking at others is just...

Now to the good stuff

Love where you're at in life. It's much sweeter than trying to be the cool kid in class and faking your way!

"My Way"
Blaze your own trail and don't let anyone stop you.
Kick life in the meat curtain!

Normal is boring, but just a warning being unique will bring out the criticism.
Wear that shit like you'd wear diamonds!

No truer words
Walk the walk
Talk the talk

Eat cake and be

So, do what you want whether it meets the standards of others.
It's your story and should be written your way.
And when someone has a problem with it tell them to go stick their dick in a meat grinder and carry on!

How's it go???
Dress Up
Show Up
And Never Give Up
or some shit like that!
Pack your mascara and vodka, hoochies!

Models, Stock Photos, Cereal Boxes, 1 Star Reviews, Haters, Carrot Cake (eeewwww), Author Takeovers, 99 Cent Release, First Person, Being Democrat (wait you should care about that), Cover Reveals, Ponies.
You get the point!

When this happens everything else is just noise. Poisonous noise that only wants one thing...


Drown out the noise.
Be You.
Do Epic Shit.
-HJ Bellus-
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