Monday, November 2, 2015

Branding A Legacy

Time to reveal the cover for book #3 in the Silver Star Ranch Series...

Who is excited??  I sure know I am.

This cover is beyond special in so many ways.  The title of this book is so symbolic of this little country girl branding her own legacy one word at a time.

I'm two years into my new adventure as an author, living the dream out loud one story at a time, and making my own dreams come true.  These past two years have been the most difficult of my life, but yet the most rewarding.  My family and myself have had to morph with all the changes with some of them being downright heart breaking.

My husband has had to put up with a wife who is buckled in on the roller coaster of the ups and downs of the author world...extreme highs and lows.  The list could go on and on and I know all my fellow author buddies can relate.

I'm not just an author, but a mom, wife, 4-H leader, and the list goes on and on.  I've dedicated the last two years to my career losing friends in my hometown along the way.  It's been difficult, but nothing I'd ever take back. 

Idaho is my home.  It's the place I've always lived and beyond that where my heart is.  Everyone who knows me well also knows that I'll never leave my country roots, boots, and family farm.

With that all being said...I'm damn sure I've "Branded A Legacy" for family, true friends, and myself and that’s why this cover is so damn special. 

My latest cover from the heart of Idaho!

an Idaho Author
an Idaho Farmboy 
an Idaho Photographer

We spent all afternoon exploring Henslee's farm and torturing Talyn.  We ended the session on this bridge at sunset.  So many laughs and amazing memories to keep forever.  

This has been a wild ride and I can't express my gratitude to my support team enough. And to know this is just the beginning!

 I hopped in front of the camera for a few quick shots!

Even the horse got some camera action...

Choosing a picture for this cover was INTENSE.  I went back and forth so many time between GORGEOUS shots.  I'm pretty sure my cover designer was ready to spork me in the eyeball.  I'll be releasing the other pictures via teasers for the book.  Here is one of the pictures that I ADORE and had a super hard time passing it up!

★★★Branding A Legacy★★★
Trying to get ahead isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when your sense of honor and integrity is being tested when taking the high road. Being kicked down when working with a high standard gets old real quick and Marvel Slatter is no stranger to this cruel way of life.

He’s idolized his Granddad and brothers growing up on Silver Star Ranch while working his fingers to the bone branding their legacy.

What happens when an honorable man is pushed too far?

He snaps. Seeking revenge blinds Marvel. He demands one thing and one thing only: his fair share of money for training a group of colts. Marvel refuses to let Saint take advantage of his family one more time. Enough is enough in his book.

With his brothers hovering over him, Marvel is forced to lie to his family. He’s not proud of it, but convinces himself it’s in the best interest of Silver Star to stand up to Saint.

His decisions lead to fatal tragedies. Hurt so real and deep, no one is safe or promised the guarantee of a tomorrow.

Will Silver Star Ranch and the Slatters triumph in the face of adversity or will their legacy fold forever?

Photographer: Jeni Boisvert @ The Brink Studio
Model: Talyn Henslee
Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers, Sommer Stein

Release Date: December 2015

Book #1
★★8 Second Decision★★
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

Book #2
★★Rules of the Ride★★
Amazon US:
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