Friday, January 17, 2014


I have big new today.  Any guesses???  No, I am not pregnant.  No, I didn't win the lottery!  No, I don't have monkeys flying out my ass!!!

Good Guesses.....Drum Roll!!!

Today, I am revealing the synopsis for Willow's book!  That's right, just keep on scrolling down and you will see the link to GoodReads.  Add this bad boy to your TBR.  Expected Summer 2014

My Mistake GoodReads

If that didn't quench your thirst, then skip your little happy ass on over to my Pinterest board....dedicated to Willow.
Willow's Board

If you missed the very first page of Willow's it is

And more of Willow just because I love you all!!!

I am actually sitting in my car waiting for my exercise class....I have six minutes left to share my wisdom with all of you. 
1) Are you keeping up with the "No Fast Food" challenge for the month of Jan?
2) Are you kicking life's ass everyday?
3) Never forget to laugh!!!
Always Be Brave My Kickass Peeps,
HJ Bellus

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