Friday, January 24, 2014

Sup Chick-a-dees?

Life has been oober busy and chaotic here, however, that seems to be the only way I function.  I have lots of goodies up my sleeve...

1)  We are getting super close to rereleasing My Now & Forever.  Be on the look out for the invite for the party on Facebook. 

2) I have been busy designing some new swag.  I wanted to create new and fresh swagilicious shit for y'all.  I think you all will love it!  If not, go kick rocks...just kidding.  #notreally

3)  I have been writing like mad with my girl Willow...Her story is really shaping up.  These songs have been on repeat when I write. 

4) TIME TO ORDER..............My Way Girl.............. click on the link!!

Now for some funnies!
Crap that cracks me up...

Cheers & Have a Great Weekend!
HJ Bellus

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